catalogue raisonné


This page will be continually researched and updated and serves as an addendum page to support the book.

There are a few minor aberrations and some extra information with which I wish to amend the following...

16. Bow Movement 1954

An earlier example of this etching has come to light (Bonhams 25/5/10 lot 42), dated 1954, signed and inscribed "no.4"

21a. Yorkshire Landscape 1956

Catalogue entry missing! See entry British Printmakers 1855-1955 p.313 

39.  Red and Black Solid II 1967

Collections: there is also an example of this lithograph held in the Brooklyn Museum, New York

61. Quietly in the Morning 1971

Printed by Jeff Clarke at Reading University

64. Moonship 1972

The publishing credit on this entry should read, "Published by Leslie Waddington Prints, London"

73a. You Fly into the Void 1975

Screenprint in black, directly relating to Cat 74. Far Away and Alone 1976. Same image and sheet size (558 x 760mm), same paper (see below). Signed, dated 1975 and inscribed "to Judy". Note: just as Far Away and Alone is annotated 'Garcia Lorca' in the plate, You Fly into the Void bears the name 'I. Yollie'.

74. Far Away and Alone 1976

The image and sheet size should read 558 x 760mm. Printed in Ontario, Canada, on J. Perrigot Arches Special MBM wove paper. An example is known dated 1975

75a. Self-protrait with Black Glasses 1979 

This is an exciting new discovery and relates closely to 75. Self-Portrait 1979. I am awaiting full details, but have posted a photograph below. 

81. Untitled c.1983

Note: an example of this linocut, dated 1986, exists printed in red and black

84. Black Moon 1984

Another numbered edition 1-20 exists from the same year

86. Sun Up Newlyn 1984

Note: some proofs exist with added collage and hand colouring

92. Suspended Red, Yellow and Black 1981

This screenprint was printed in 1981 at Kelpra Studio, London

94. Yellow, Red and Black for Lorca 1981

This screenprint was printed in 1981 at Kelpra Studio, London

98-108. (The Lorca Suite) 1989

100. Es verdod; 105. Thamar Y Amnon and 107. Arbole, Arbole are not hand coloured. There were also 5 Printer's Proofs. Collections also include Government Art Collection 

118. Untitled (Celebration) 1989

The unsigned edition of 100 was printed on a smaller sheet than the signed edition

119. Untitled (Red and Black) 1989

This image has been photographed upside down. An example signed and dated 1973 has recently come to light 

124. Bull Black 1991

The regular edition does not include hand colouring. The example illustrated (the BAT) is etching and aquatint only and exactly as the edition should be.

125. Escargot 1991

Image size: 380 x 515mm; sheet size: 570 x 760mm on Somerset wove paper. Most of the edition extensively hand coloured 

130. Lorca Sun 1991

Also titled "Is It True". A hand painted example (inscribed H/P 2) appeared at Bonhams Knightsbridge 22/2/12 showing the three 'blanked out' hearts reinstated below centre

132. Newlyn Pink 1991

Co-published by London Print Studio. There were five printer's proofs inscribed PP 1/5-5/5

139. Lizard Black 1995

The edition also comprised 2 studio proof inscribed S/P I & II + at least one unsigned proof

140. Tide Up Newlyn 1995

The edition also comprised 2 studio proof inscribed S/P I & II + at least one unsigned proof 

142. Newlyn Blue Q 1995

The edition also comprised 1 un-numbered proof

153. Black Sun Dipper 1997

Collections: Paintings in Hospitals

177. Madron Woodcuts 1998

There are 6 Artist's Proofs, not 8. Also, the colour of the lilac semi-circle in the fourth woodcut is actually cream in real life

180. Madron Woodcuts (Half Moons) 1998

The illustration accompanying this entry has sheet 5 missing. Also, the colours are not at all representative: sheet 1, for example, has a lilac background and sheet 10 has a bright yellow background with a crimson-brown semi-circle

182. Orange and Blue Space 1998

The illustration accompanying this entry is a very poor representation of the actual screenprint. The image has been cropped (there should be an orange vertical running down the right hand edge of the image) and there is an orange spiral emanating from the centre circle. Also, at least one example exists with added, collaged 'boat shapes' to the bottom corners

185a. Untitled (Orange and Black) c.1998 (p.31)

This is a linocut, not a woodcut and measures 425 x 290mm printed to the sheet edges

204. Development of a Sqaure Within a Square (Red) 2000

The image in the illustration should be rotated through 180 degrees

206. Orange Sun Newlyn 2000

This screenprint is in ten colours, on 400gsm Velin Arches paper and printed by James Holden at Coriander Studio. NOTE: the illustration shows a Stage Proof on embossed paper. The edition was un-embossed.

213. Red and Black Squeeze 2001

There are five collage elements and the number of Artist's Proofs are known to be  30, numbered AP I - XXX

214. Red and Black Squeeze 2001

There were two versions of this, one with five collage elements and one with two. The example listed has two collage elements. The second example is listed in the NOTE below as thirty APs signed

217-219. Spiral for Sun, Swing on Blue and Three for Two 2001

All three screenprints have the sheet size: 615 x 450mm

232. Love Tree 2002

There are 10 Artist's Proofs numbered I - X in Roman numerals, not 4 as stated in the catalogue. Also, there are two Studio Proofs inscribed S/P

234. Orange, Green and Blue Rhythm 2002

The artist's proofs are numbered I-XV in Roman numerals

239. Sun Bow 2002

The image in this illustration has been squashed, the actual etching is at least 10% longer. Also, the sheet size is 495 x 804mm and all the edition is inscribed with the title, centre

241. Three Stripes for Red 2002

The red and black collaged element in the centre is individually hand painted on each example

There are 2 Printer's proofs 

242. Untitled 2002

There were 5 Artist's Proofs

247. Blue Vertical 2003

At least 2 Printer's proofs are known

249. Centre Blue 2003

There are 6 Artist's Proofs, numbered A/P I-VI

254. Red on Yellow Rhythm 2003

There are 5 collage elements not 7 

261. Red and Black Sunburst 2003 and 2010

The illustration should be rotated anti-clockwise through 90 degrees

Figure 2a (p.11)

Further research suggests this may not be a maquette for the adjacent print